Life Rafts

Survival Systems International Offer A Diverse Range
Of Solas Inflatable Liferafts.


Survival Systems International support the liferaft requirements of our customers with a diverse product range.

For further detail please contact us below.

Liferaft Services

SSI have 50+ years experience in supporting the service and procurement needs of a worldwide customer base.

In response to these differing needs SSI has developed a diverse product range with flexible payment tariffs including Fleet rental or outright purchase.

survival systems liferafts


  • SOLAS approved life rafts in all sizes
  • Davit launched
  • Throw overboard
  • Open reversible (OR)
    Self-righting (SR)


  • Routine testing, service, inspection & certification
  • 24/7 service capability

Easy Xchange Life Rafts

  • Save money
  • Hassle free
  • Fixed price
  • Ask about the many benefits

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