Survival Systems International Lifeboat Capsule System

SSI specialise in the design, manufacture and world-wide delivery of lifeboat capsule systems.

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Lifeboat Capsule Systems

From 21 man to 80 man, we cover all sizes, budgets and needs

Since building the first lifeboat specifically designed for offshore evacuation in 1968, SSI’s single cable capsule has been used in over 60 emergency evacuations and safely evacuated more than 2000 offshore workers.

21 man Lifeboat Capsule
21 Man Lifeboat

• CA2100 Capsule
• Single Hook / Single Cable
• PL2100 Hold and Launch Platform
• W1400 Winch Assembly

36 man Lifeboat Capsule
36 Man Lifeboat

• CA3600 Capsule
• Single Hook / Single Cable
• PL3401 Hold and Launch Platform 
• W2800 Winch Assembly

60 man Lifeboat Capsule
60 Man Lifeboat

• CA6000 Capsule
• Single Hook / Single Cable
• PL5000 Hold and Launch Platform 
• W5000 Winch Assembly

80 man lifeboat capsule
80 Man Lifeboat

• CA8000 Capsule
• Single Hook / Single Cable
• PL8000 Hold and Launch Platform 

Lifeboat Capsule Benefits

With their specifically designed safety features, stable hook design and safer recovery from water, not only are SSI’s lifeboat capsules safer in emergency evacuations but are safer in training and maintenance.

Specifically Designed for Rigs & Platforms

The SSI Capsule is the only lifeboat designed specifically for the offshore oil worker’s use and safety; it is not an adapted ship’s lifeboat that has been designed for seamen. Single cable capsules do not go on ships, they are specifically designed for, and used by, offshore rigs and platforms.

Single Cable Advantages

Survival Systems International’s Capsules utilise a single cable for raising and lowering due to the significant safety advantages that it offers. The fundamental function of raising and lowering a weight is easier, more logical and safer using a single point and a single cable.

Superior Hook Design

SSI’s hook is a stable design where the weight of the boat holds the hook closed when under load.

What does this mean? When the lifeboat is in the air, the SSI hook inherently wants to stay closed unlike other hook designs that want to open. This makes the SSI hook a much safer solution.

Superior Structural Strength

The capsule has superior structural strength with its central core design, oval shape and use of fire retardant vinyl ester resin throughout.

Superior Maneuverability

The capsule’s oval shape allows for superior maneuverability in the water plus its beam to length ratio provides enhanced stability in rough seas.

Safer Recovery

Single point connection combined, enhanced helmsman visibility and superior manoeuvrability combine to make the SSI capsules faster, safer and simpler to recover.

More Information: PDF Downloads

For full technical information, please see our PDF downloads below:

The A.L.A.R.M Measurement System

Lifeboat Capsules specifically designed for the offshore environment

Our unique A.L.A.R.M Lifeboat Capsule Measurement System highlights the key benefits of Single Fall Evacuation in an Offshore environment.

survival systems lifeboat capsule access

Fastest boarded lifeboat.

survival systems lifeboat capsule launch

Achieves safest descent to sea.

survival systems lifeboat capsule agility

The most maneuverable lifeboat available.

survival systems lifeboat capsule recovery

Fastest and safest recovery of all lifeboats.

Air Cylinders

The lowest cost of maintenance.

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