Superior Structural Strength


The design approach used for the capsule, and the methods and materials used in manufacturing, create a lifeboat with superior structural strength.

Strong Central Core Design

SSI’ capsule design has the single cable hook attached to the central structural cage/yoke (shown inside the capsule in blue below), this central structural cage is in turn attached to the hull over a broad area as is shown in the picture.

3D lifeboat

Note that this is a fundamentally different design to all twin-fall lifeboats which have no central structural cage but just attach a hook to a keel shoe at either end of their lifeboats.

Oval Shape

The overall shape of the SSI capsule is oval. This shape provides for greater structural strength in the case of a side impact, in contrast to all other flat sided lifeboats.

Fire Retardant Resin Used Throughout

All SSI capsules are manufactured using fire retardant resin throughout the lifeboat. Whether inside or outside all fiberglass parts are made from fire retardant resin. Many other lifeboat manufactures only use a thin outer layer of fire retardant resin. This is sufficient to pass the required fire test but is inferior to using fire retardant resin on all fiberglass parts.

Vinyl Ester Resin

To defend against the possibility osmosis (blistering) of the fiberglass laminates, the entire capsule is built from vinyl ester resin. This higher quality resin virtually eliminates the possibility of osmosis.




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