Superior Performance in the Water


When it reaches the water the design of SSI’s lifeboat also offers significant performance advantages related maneuverability and stability.

Capsule Maneuverability

Due to its beam to length ratio and underwater configuration the capsule is significantly more maneuverable and can perform a 180° turn at speed within its own length.
Due to their keeled-hull design and elongated shape twin-fall lifeboats are significantly less maneuverable and have to perform wide u-turns.


The SSI capsule’s maneuverability makes it easier to steer away from platform legs when evacuating in high seas. Additionally this maneuverability makes it easier for training and drills and in particular for positioning the capsule for hook-up and recovery. Lastly such maneuverability also makes a single cable capsule is a superior rescue boat for recovering a man over board.  | See maneuverability video |

Capsule Stability

SSI’s capsule has Greater Positive Stability than other lifeboats.

The design and shape of the capsule provides a superior beam to length ratio, more than 0.65 (wider and shorter), and a greater metacentric height, in excess of 1 meter.

These two factors significantly improve the capsules stability when underway. This greater stability makes the lifeboat less vulnerable to capsizing.



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