Designed for Rigs and Platforms



The capsule is the only lifeboat designed specifically for the offshore oil worker’s use and safety; it is not an adapted ship’s lifeboat that has been designed for seamen. Single cable capsules do not go on ships, they are specifically designed for, and used by, offshore rigs and platforms. Twin-fall lifeboats are designed for ships and seaman and adapted for offshore use.

Primary Focus on the Offshore Worker

SSI has designed its capsules understanding that the user of the system will be an offshore worker and not a seamen. At the center of the capsules design is the knowledge that the user of the system is not a seaman, and may have very limited understanding of boats and the sea. Twin-fall lifeboats, which are primarily designed for ships and then adapted for rig and platform use, do not start with the same fundamental understanding of their user. Their primary user is a seaman.


Emphasis on Human Factors

The understanding of who is the user of the system (an offshore worker, not a seaman) has lead to a central focus on human factors. Human Factor Engineering considerations have been evaluated throughout the system. This focus not only provide for safer evacuations and training but also create confidence in the capsule. Such considerations include: greater space and comfort for the helmsman, greater headroom and space for all occupants, ease of access for maintenance for capsule and winch, light weight air bottles for ease of man-handling, line of sight between the helmsman and hook-up personnel for recovery, and many others ….

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