Lifeboat Capsules



Benefits of SSI Lifeboat Capsules

Specifically Designed for Rigs and Platforms – The SSI single cable capsule is the only lifeboat designed specifically for offshore rigs and platforms and their workers, it is not an adapted ship’s lifeboat. | more info |
box_single The Advantages of Single Cable – Raising and lowering on a single cable is simpler and safer than using two cables. In addition this allows for a simpler and more reliable winch design, and provides the benefits of using one hook rather than two. | more info |
A Superior Hook Design – The single cable hook has is an inherently stable Hook with a Lift Over Center Design. In addition the hook possesses a true 6:1 safety factor. | more info |
Superior Structural Strength – The capsule has superior structural strength with its central core design, oval shape and use of fire retardant vinyl ester resin throughout. | more info |
box_lifeboat_move Superior Performance in the Water – The capsule’s oval shape allows for superior maneuverability in the water plus its beam to length ratio provides enhanced stability in rough seas.  | more info |
box_single2 Safer in Recovery from the Water – Recovering a lifeboat after a drill is a skilled task. This task is made safer with a capsule due to only having to attach one hook and direct line of sight from the helmsman to the hook up person and the hook. | more info |
The Best Safety Record in the Industry – Since building the first lifeboat for offshore use in 1968, SSI’s single cable capsule design has been used on over 60 emergency evacuations and safely evacuated more than 2000 offshore workers. | more info |