Keeping Lifeboats Operational, Safe and Compliant for 50+ years


Keeping Lifeboats Operational, Safe and Compliant for 50+ years

Survival Systems International has a global network of owned and operated service bases for the purpose of multi brand lifeboat inspection, lifeboat maintenance and lifeboat repair.

Our specialised range of lifeboat products and lifeboat services represent quality and safety to users in the event of emergency, and proactive maintenance agreements ensure operability, enhanced safety and cost savings.

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Our Products

As the original designers of the Single Fall Lifeboat Capsule, Survival Systems International have been specialising in manufacturing lifeboat capsules and lifeboat related products for decades.

Our Services

Our lifeboat services work seamlessly with all SSI lifeboat products. Survival Systems offer a wide range of complimentary services and support systems in relation to all our lifeboat products.

Maintenance & Inspection

Regular inspections and maintenance will ensure that your lifesaving equipment remains in a state of readiness.

Repairs & Refurbishments

Extend the field life of your existing assets with survival systems international lifeboat repairs and lifeboat refurbishments.

Load Testing

Reliable and expert water load tests from 75kg up to 55 tonnes designed for reliability, safety and top performance.

Hire Equipment

SSI offer a wide range of hire equipment including but not limited to lifeboats, winches and load testing equipment.

Why work with SSI Singapore?

With over 50 years experience in the lifeboat safety industry, your company,
crew and lifeboats are in the safest hands.

50+ Years Experience

SSI have the safest lifeboat track record in the life saving industry with over 50 years’ experience of focusing 100% on servicing lifeboats.

Worldwide Services

SSI can manage your entire lifeboat fleet offering a full range of lifeboat services worldwide from inspections and repairs to training.

Lower Costs

SSI lifeboats offer the longest lifespan of any lifeboat with significantly reduced maintenance needs and lower operational costs.

Patented Hook Design

All SSI lifeboats work with our patented hook technology.
Our Triple5LX hook is the safest hook in the industry.

ISO Compliant

At SSI we pride ourselves on being the frontrunner in the development of international ISO safety standards for lifeboat servicing and training.

Do you have lifeboat Concerns?

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Q. Concerns over Lifeboat compliance?

Q. At risk of down manning or vessel detention?

Q. Are your hooks safe and compliant?

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