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The SSI Lifeboat Capsule System
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The only lifeboat specifically designed for offshore evacuation.

Category Offshore

Annual & 5 Yearly Lifeboat Inspections
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SSI can perform all routine lifeboat maintenance, inspection and repair.

Category Offshore

Triple5LX Lifeboat Hook
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The inherently safe twin fall lifeboat release and retrieval system.

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Keeping Lifeboats Operational, Safe and Compliant for over 50 years

Survival Systems International is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of Lifeboat Capsules specifically designed for the safe evacuation of Fixed Platforms and Jack-up environments

Survival Systems International has a global network of owned and operated service bases for the purpose of multi brand inspection, maintenance and repair.

Originally established to provide support for 5000 SSI lifeboat capsules, we have now grown to provide both OEM and ASP coverage worldwide.

Our specialised range of products and services represent quality and safety to users in the event of emergency, and proactive maintenance agreements ensure operability, enhanced safety and cost savings.

For this reason SSI has become the trusted partner to worldwide users spanning Offshore, Maritime and Cruise. 

Operational costs too high?

Concerned over Lifeboat compliance?

Are you at risk of down manning or vessel detention?
Are your hooks safe & compliant?

SSI Products & Services

From lifeboats to training, hooks to davits, SSI covers all lifeboat requirements for the Offshore, Maritime & Cruise industries

The SSI Lifeboat Capsule System

The SSI Capsule is the only lifeboat designed specifically for the offshore oil worker’s use and safety; it is not an adapted ship’s lifeboat that has been designed for seamen. Single cable capsules do not go on ships, they are specifically designed for, and used by, offshore rigs and platforms.

Triple5LX Lifeboat Hook

Survival Systems International design, manufacture and install the inherently safe Triple 5LX Hook Release Mechanism worldwide.

The hook design principle has evolved within the Oil and Gas industry due to 50+ years of use within our own SSI Capsules. Due to the increased concerns of twinfall hook safety SSI has been able to adopt the same inherently safe working principles, bringing Single Fall Safety to the Twin Fall user.

Annual Lifeboat Inspections

Regular lifeboat inspection and maintenance will ensure your equipment remains in a state of readiness. With our worldwide team of multi-brand certified lifeboat technicians, we can perform your annual & 5-yearly lifeboat inspections in compliance with IMO & SOLAS requirements under MSC.1/Circ.1206/Rev.1 & MSC.1/Circ.1277.

The A.L.A.R.M Measurement System

Lifeboat Capsules specifically designed for the offshore environment

The SSI A.L.A.R.M Lifeboat Capsule Measurement highlights the key benefits of Single Fall Evacuation in an Offshore environment.

survival systems lifeboat capsule access

​Fastest boarded lifeboat.

survival systems lifeboat capsule launch

Achieves safest descent to sea.

survival systems lifeboat capsule agility

Most maneuverable lifeboat available.

survival systems lifeboat capsule recovery

Fastest and safest recovery of all lifeboats.

lifeboat capsule maintenance

Fastest and safest recovery of all lifeboats.

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