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Twinfall Lifeboat Solutions

With our 50 years’ history and the best safety track record in the life saving industry, SSI has used its extensive knowledge and experience to develop the world’s safest twin fall lifeboat system. By utilising the inherently safe Triple 5LX Hook Release Mechanism in our chosen twinfall lifeboat models we are able to offer enhanced load over centre safety at affordable prices.

Our new Twinfall lifeboat series is ideal for offshore vessels and merchant vessels – including oil and gas tankers, as well as dry cargo vessels. Designed for use in harsh conditions, the T5 Twinfall lifeboats are constructed using specialist materials for the corrosive marine environment. This ensures a long and trouble-free operational life, with minimal maintenance required in between servicing periods.

The World’s Safest Hook

Whether a lifeboat is brand new, or has been in service for many years, its hooks and hook release systems are critical to safe operation during tests or emergencies.

By utilising the inherently safe Triple5LX Hook Release Mechanism in our chosen Twinfall lifeboat models we are able to offer enhanced load over centre safety.

lifeboat hook load point

stable hook
Load over pivot centre.
No rotational force.

lifeboat hook load point

unstable hook
Load not over pivot centre. Rotational force opens hook

Proven Design

Our Twinfall lifeboats are proven in the field with more than >10,000 installations since late 1980’s, across a variety of assets onboard marine and offshore vessels.

Quality Materials

All our Twinfall lifeboats are compliant with the latest IMO/SOLAS LSA codes and regulations. Our hull is hand laminated to ensure durability and strength and fitted with high grade 316L stainless steel.

Reset Hooks from the Hellman's Position

The Triple5LX Hook System uses high strength, maximum efficiency push / pull cables connected directly to the hooks. This allows the hooks to be RESET as well as opened from the safety of the helmsman’s position.

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