Replacing 22 Lifeboat Release Hooks

Offshore Lifeboat Manufacturer sought by Cruise Line Industry

Princess Cruise Lines contracts Offshore Lifeboat Manufacturer, Survival Systems International, to replace Lifeboat Release Mechanisms in 22 lifeboats aboard the Grand Princess.

The replacement project was completed in April (2011) on the Grand Princess during a 24-day dry dock at the Grand Bahama Shipyard in Freeport , Bahamas.

“This is the largest makeover we’ve ever undertaken for any of our ships.” Jan Swartz, Princess Cruise Line’s Executive Vice President said.


Lifeboat-Hook-InstallationSurvival Systems International Technicians lining up
the Triple5 Hook assembly for installation and connection.
The intensive time-line was met by a Survival Systems International Technical Crew of 13 who removed unstable hooks in only three weeks and replaced with the Triple5 Release Mechanism – An Inherently Stable hook using a Lift Over Center design.
The Triple5 Release Mechanism is also in use in the Offshore Industry as a retrofit in Twin-Fall Lifeboats. Survival Systems International’s Survival Capsule has been in use for over 40 years, in over 30 countries for the world’s largest oil and gas production and drilling companies.

SSI can assure the quality of a hook retrofit as Design, Manufacture, Installation and on-going Service are all performed in-house by SSI direct employees and teams. SSI Manufactures, Installs and Services the Triple5 Hook Systems. The advantage of this in-house full-service capability to our customers is that SSI takes full responsibility for all phases of a hook retrofit. 

Survival Systems International Australia

Survival Systems International (SSI), a US based company, is pleased to recognize the continued success and growth of lifeboat and LSA services in Australia. SSI has been manufacturing single cable launched survival capsules for the offshore oil and gas industry for over forty years and provides offshore operators with the equipment, the instruction and the knowledge to achieve a safe evacuation when an emergency occurs on an offshore installation. The Australian presence (first started in 2013) adds to SSI’s already global service reach, as it currently has service facilities in the UK, Dubai, US gulf coast and Malaysia.

“We’re a global company, working with many international customers… we offer timely and cost effective services which are improved by having service facilities that are close to our customer’s operations” ~ Mark Beatty, President

SSI Australia provide new sales, parts and lifeboat / LSA service for companies in Australia and New Zealand.  SSI Australia is headed up by the Regional Manager: Sam Dye, who has worked with SSI for over 12 years.  With support of SSI AU’s Service team SSI Australia focuses to service, maintain and refurbish lifeboats as well as serving other LSA equipment for oil and gas operators and the maritime industry.


George Teece, SSI’s vice-president Eastern Hemisphere operations, said: “Australia has long been a target for our future growth and development… Through these local facilities and people resources, we can serve our customers more effectively and at the same time develop new business in a country which has great potential for growth.”

Contact us for more information on our single-cable lifeboats, life-saving appliance services, Triple5 lifeboat hook release systems or about employment opportunities in the SSI Australian facilities.