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Load Testing

Survival Systems International Offers Reliable and Expert Water Load Tests From 75kg Up To 55 Tonnes. Designed For Reliability, Safety & Top Performance.


Load Testing Services

Designed For Reliability, Safety & Top Performance.

SSI offer a professional and comprehensive turnkey service in all aspects of load testing. Proof load testing of lifting equipment and structures is a mandatory requirement in most countries and is performed in order to verify the integrity of load-bearing systems.

Through our international group of companies and approved associates, SSI offer a global team of experienced engineers capable of undertaking any load testing project safely, efficiently and economically.

We offer a complete turnkey service from initial inquiry to final completion of the load test.

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Proof Load Test Bags

SSI are a trusted leader in water weight testing for cranes, beams, davits, hoists, walkways and lifeboats.

High-quality load testing water bags for lifting equipment, life-saving appliances, hydrostatic release units for liferafts.

For safe, fast and reliable water bag load testing, get in touch today.

Load Testing Equipment

Proof load testing water-filled weight bags are specially designed as a simple, safe and cost-effective proof load testing solution for lifting equipment and structures, whether for static or dynamic load testing of davits, winches, cranes, lifting equipment, beam and wire falls, in both marine and industrial sectors.

At SSI we offer Expert load testing services for cranes, beams, davits, hoists, walkways and lifeboats across major industries around the globe.

Crane Load Testing

Crane test water bags for proof load testing is one of the most simple, safe and the cost-effective load test solutions. The test weight can be slowly applied when filling water bags; helping engineers identify all structural issues thereby correcting issues before the full test weight is reached.

For expert load testing services for cranes, beams, davits, hoists, walkways and lifeboats across major industries around the globe contact SSI today.

Load Testing Services designed for reliability, safety and top performance.

Why work with SSI?

With over 50 year experience in the lifeboat safety industry, your company,
crew and lifeboats are in the safest hands.

50+ Years Experience

SSI have the safest lifeboat track record in the life saving industry with over 50 years’ experience of focusing 100% on servicing lifeboats.

Worldwide Services

SSI can manage your entire lifeboat fleet offering a full range of lifeboat services worldwide from inspections and repairs to training.

Lower Costs

SSI lifeboats offer the longest lifespan of any lifeboat with significantly reduced maintenance needs and lower operational costs.

Patented Hook Design

All SSI lifeboats work with our patented hook technology. 
Our Triple5LX hook is the safest hook in the industry.

ISO Compliant

At SSI we pride ourselves on being the frontrunner in the development of international ISO safety standards for lifeboat servicing and training.

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