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Jason’s Cradle® 

Survival Systems International - the Official Partner of The Jason’s Cradle® MOB system. Covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and all the UAE.


Jason’s Cradle®

The Jason’s Cradle® MOB system is used globally in the military, commercial, rescue and leisure marine sectors.

Jason’s Cradle® is designed to retrieve people quickly and horizontally from the water, thus reducing the possibilities of “dry drowning” now more commonly known as Circum Rescue Collapse.

The horizontal lift for a MOB has now become critical in the modern marine world and by using the Jason’s Cradle®, not only is this achievable, but it is one of the safest and quickest methods of retrieval for conscious and/or unconscious casualties. Using Jason’s Cradle® as your preferred MOB recovery system allows operators to retrieve casualties who are unable to assist themselves due to injury, or high freeboard.

SOLAS Approved Man Overboard Solutions compliant with SOLAS III/17-1


Which Jason's Cradle will Suit My Vessel?

The Jason’s Cradle® MOB system is used globally in the military, commercial, rescue and leisure marine sectors. The unique design of the Jason’s Cradle® MOB system enables it to be customised and manufactured to suit almost every application requirement.

Contact our technical department for further assistance and advice.

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The Standard Unit

The Standard unit is suitable for most vessels with up to 5m freeboard and is offered in three width options.

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The FRC Kit is suitable for all Fast Rescue Craft and is offered in two width options and with fixings for either RIBS or hard hulls.

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Rescue Stretcher

The Rescue Stretcher unit is suitable for high sided vessels, diver recovery and quayside rescue and is offered in two sizes.

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Rigid Scramble Net

The Scramble Net is suitable for high sided vessels, larger rescue zones and mass recovery/evacuation. Availble in widths up to 2.1 metres. Multiple units can be used for wider rescue zones.

Looking for a Specific Rescue Kit?

At Survival Systems International we can provide an MOB solution to meet your individual needs.
The unique design of the Jason’s Cradle® MOB system enables it to be customised and manufactured to suit almost every application requirement.

Military Kits

Jason’s Cradle Military Spec MOB Kits. Available as MORS stretcher and FRC Kit format.

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Bespoke Kits

For large or unusual sizes please contact us for a consultation on the most suitable system for your vessel.

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The ‘Jason’s Cradle’ is SOLAS approved as a multi function access, rescue and retrieval device according to its configuration, developed from standard components assembled to suit one or more modes of use.
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Why work with SSI UAE?

With over 50 year experience in the lifeboat safety industry, your company,
crew and lifeboats are in the safest hands.

Official Partner

Here at Survival System international, we are The official UAE partner for the distribution of Jason's Cradle® MOB System.

Worldwide Services

SSI can manage your entire lifeboat fleet offering a full range of lifeboat services worldwide from inspections and repairs to training.

Lower Costs

SSI lifeboats offer the longest lifespan of any lifeboat with significantly reduced maintenance needs and lower operational costs.

Patented Hook Design

All SSI lifeboats work with our patented hook technology. 
Our Triple5LX hook is the safest hook in the industry.

ISO Compliant

At SSI we pride ourselves on being the frontrunner in the development of international ISO safety standards for lifeboat servicing and training.

50+ Years Experience

SSI have the safest lifeboat track record in the life saving industry with over 50 years’ experience of focusing 100% on servicing lifeboats.

More Information: Jason's Cradle PDF Downloads

For full technical information, please see our Jason Cradle PDF downloads below:

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Jason’s Cradle® is SOLAS approved and guaranteed against manufacturing defect for three years, excluding clips, strops, hauling lines, stowage bags and other additional fittings that carry the usual 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Once the product is older than 3 years, it is important that it is serviced by Land and Marine’s authorised service centres in order to maintain its high quality standards. The unit should then be serviced by an ASC at three year intervals. When the equipment reaches 12 yearsin service it is then recommended that it be replaced. If it is serviced, modified or altered in any way by the owner/operator or another non-approved body, Land and Marine disclaim all and any liability for any failure of the product to operate correctly or other problems or defects with the product except for liability which cannot be excluded by law.