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Lifeboat Maintenance & Lifeboat Inspection.
Multi-Brand Fleet Maintenance Services

Lifeboat Inspection Services

Make sure you're always ready with regular lifeboat inspections and liferaft inspections. Regular lifeboat inspection and maintenance ensures your equipment remains in a state of readiness.

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Lifeboat Inspection Services

Regular lifeboat inspection will ensure your equipment remains in a state of readiness.

With our worldwide team of multi-brand certified lifeboat technicians, we can perform your annual & 5-yearly lifeboat inspections in compliance with IMO & SOLAS requirements under MSC 402 (96).

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Authorised Service Provider

Survival Systems International are approved as an Authorised Service Provider in accordance with the draft IMO resolution relating to requirements for periodic servicing and maintenance of lifeboats, rescue boats, launching appliances and on-load release gear.

Certification of technicians authorised to carry out periodic inspection and testing of lifeboats, rescue boats, launching appliances and on-load release gear is as detailed in the draft MSC resolution agreed at IMO.

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Inspection Compliance

Survival Systems International's approval has been independently audited and confirmed by several members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). These audits are carried out in accordance with Classification Society requirements including their Unified Requirement Z17.

Our Technicians undergo extensive competency training which includes experience on the job, classroom training, practical training, external OEM training & a number also have prior knowledge of OEM equipment.

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Does your lifeboat need maintenance or inspection?

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Lifeboat Maintenance Services

SSI regularly attend rigs, platforms and vessels worldwide to perform routine maintenance and repair on many types of multi brand lifeboat systems. Our fully trained technicians are able to provide prompt competent and cost efficient response to ensure equipment remains operational and compliance.

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Fleet Management Services

SSI go beyond lifeboat maintenance and inspection by offering managed maintenance packages bespoke to customers requirements.

We understand that trying to keep your rigs and/or vessels annual and/or 5 yearly inspections up to date can be frustrating at times. We also understand the complex regulatory requirements and varying change out intervals of multiple components can be difficult to track.

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Managed Maintenance Packages

A managed maintenance package allows a dedicated SSI focal point to collate relevant data and present suitable action plans at agreed intervals.

With our experienced, fully trained staff and bespoke Customer Relationship Management System we offer the full fleet management of customer lifeboat systems.

This is achieved by way of having a dedicated service support team utilising a bespoke CRM/Sage system.

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Maintenance Partnership

This approach will create a partnership between you the “Customer” and ourselves to maintain your lifesaving equipment.

• CRM sends out automated alerts when important actions occur.
• CRM can instantly check customer order histories, reports and technical data.
• Customer data is protected and centrally managed.
• Full stock holding of OEM spares.
• Manage Stock in Multiple Locations across our entire organisation including bonded warehouses.

Lifeboat Maintenance Services UK

Why work with SSI?

With over 50 year experience in the lifeboat safety industry, your company,
crew and lifeboats are in the safest hands.

50+ Years Experience

SSI have the safest lifeboat track record in the life saving industry with over 50 years’ experience of focusing 100% on servicing lifeboats.

Worldwide Services

SSI can manage your entire lifeboat fleet offering a full range of lifeboat services worldwide from inspections and repairs to training.

Lower Costs

SSI lifeboats offer the longest lifespan of any lifeboat with significantly reduced maintenance needs and lower operational costs.

Patented Hook Design

All SSI lifeboats work with our patented hook technology. 
Our Triple5LX hook is the safest hook in the industry.

ISO Compliant

At SSI we pride ourselves on being the frontrunner in the development of international ISO safety standards for lifeboat servicing and training.

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