Maritime Sales & Service Coordinator
Middle East

Sales Representative (Dubai)

Role: Sales Representative
Location: Dubai
Reporting to: Sales and Marketing Director

Survival Systems International are looking for highly motivated and experienced Sales Professionals to join our successful and expanding team. This role will allow the opportunity to grow Business to Business Sales and develop a client portfolio including both Maritime and Offshore Energy customers. Our wide-ranging activities and products create a dynamic and challenging sales environment with the potential for career progression throughout our international organisation.

  • To raise awareness of company products and services with prospective customers.
  • To seek out potential new customers by cold calling or contacting as appropriate, to develop a robust pipeline of opportunities.
  • To develop leads and opportunities to completion for the benefit of incremental sales.
  • To build relationships and understanding of each potential client procurement department to ensure SSI are included on as many vendors lists as possible.
  • In the event of customer dissatisfaction for any reason play an active role in conflict resolution and record/report lessons learnt.
  • To build quality relationships with existing customers to ensure client retention.
  • To deliver product and service presentations to new customers.
  • To take an active role in the preparation of tenders for potential customers and contract renewal discussions.
  • To attend industry functions and exhibitions where required, to promote the services of the company.
  • To submit weekly reports to the Sales & Marketing Director highlighting opportunities and potential issues.


  • Minimum of 2 years in a customer facing Sales/Business Development role.
  • A proven track record of successful sales management.
  • Must have a valid UAE Driving Licence
  • Experience in Business to Business Sales.


  • Responsibility and ownership for customer interactions and service standard
  • A tenacious and detail focused mindset
  • Motivational skills.
  • A credible, presentable & confident salesperson.
  • The ability to be a problem solver internally and externally.

For a full job description or to apply, please email with your current CV and covering letter.

Closing date for applications – Thursday 29th April 2021

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Account Assistant jobs uk
Careers, UK

Payroll Supervisor and Account Assistant. Location (Great Yarmouth, UK)

Location: Great Yarmouth

Survival Systems International are looking for a highly motivated and experienced payroll supervisor to join our successful and expanding team. Reporting to the Finance Supervisor, this role will include responsibilities for both Payroll and Accounts. 


  • Processing weekly payroll end to end 
  • Setting up new starters and processing leavers
  • Processing pension contributions through company pension scheme alongside auto enrolments. 
  • Producing journals and payroll reports
  • Importing weekly payroll into Sage accounting system
  • Management of staff holidays and lieu days including holiday accruals
  • Management of year end returns including P60’s and P11d’s
  • Staying current with employment legislation
  • Completion of periodic national statistics forms
  • Updating sales commission statements


  • To administer the purchase ledger including but not limited to, processing invoices, paying suppliers and reconciling accounts.
  • The processing of employee expenses through petty cash/foreign cash.
  • The processing of employee company credit cards.
  • To satisfactorily deal with debtor and creditor queries.
  • To ensure compliance with all statutory and regulation requirements.
  • To satisfactorily deal with the company’s external auditors when required.
  • To administer the sales ledger including credit control and the raising of service and workshop invoices as required.
  • To perform credit control and cash collection as required.
  • Analysis of workshop job costings and providing updates to stakeholders


  • Knowledge of tax codes and national insurance deductions
  • Ability to calculate maternity pay and sick pay
  • Demonstrable experience of using Sage payroll and Sage 200 preferred but not essential
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Minimum of two years payroll experience 

To apply, please email with your current CV and covering letter.

Closing date for applications – Friday 19th March 2021.

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v 22 bell boeing ssi

Survival Systems International Newsletter


  • Covid-19 Response
    Measures we are taking in response to Covid-19
  • HQ Goes Green
    Solar panels installed at our headquarters in Valley Centre.
  • Employee Profile
    Recognising our Capsule Assembly Supervisor Hector Torres
  • SSI Aerostructures
    Awarded three contract to supply ballistic foam for Bell-V-22 Osprey
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Maritime Sales & Service Coordinator

Maritime Sales & Service Coordinator


(Based in Kuantan, Pahang)



• To provide an end to end service for the follow up and conversion of inbound shipping opportunities

• To oversee the set-up, delivery and follow up of all Shipping scopes.

• Assist the development of systems and software to track chase and expand shipping related enquiries

• To be the point of contact for shipping related data tools with a responsibility to research, collate and disseminate valuable information for the benefit of eastern hemisphere branches

• Maximise and expand inbound opportunities

• Identify, approach and convert outbound sales opportunities

• To represent SSI for Shipping related customer interaction including but not limited to customer meetings, conference calls, presentations or trade events

• To liaise with the Training department to ensure technicians are upskilled and to work with HR to forecast and plan shipping needs to ensure appropriate levels of recruitment

• Provide weekly reports on activity and results

• Establish and oversee all scopes of work for allocated customers including:

• Ensure completion of all work scope paperwork for allocated customer projects

For those who are interested, please send your CVs to

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Field Service Technician job careers UK
Careers, UK

Field Service Technician (UK)

Seeking Field Service Technicians

Survival Systems is a lifeboat, winch & davit servicing company and are looking for: Experienced Field Service Technicians.

• You will be experienced in the inspection, service & maintenance of lifeboats, and be able to offer technical support to the oil, gas & shipping industry and offshore

 • Experience in undertaking Annual and 5 Yearly Inspections in line with SOLAS regulations would be an advantage.

• A proven record in mechanical engineering

 • You will be expected to work offshore in the Northern North Sea 

• You will need to be enthusiastic, self-motivated and passionate about the quality   of the work you produce. 

Qualities and Experience 

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the inspection, service & maintenance of lifeboats.
  • An understanding of SOLAS regulations and the LSA code 
  • Experience in Diesel engine service and maintenance
  • You will be expected to work offshore in the Northern and Southern North Sea North Sea
  • Demonstrate that you are a confidant communicator with all customer representatives 
  • Be enthusiastic, self-motivated and passionate about the quality of the work you produce. 
  • Have knowledge and experience of using Microsoft office programmes to generate service reports

Roles are available from our Great Yarmouth and Norfolk bases and we have fixed and variable hours positions available.

Closing Date for Applications:31st March 2021

To apply or to request a full job description please send your CV to

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Collaboration with RINA in Response to COVID-19


Living in and conducting business in 2020 has been all about using creative problem solving to deal with adversity, and here at SSI that is no different. Given that we are an international company that sends technicians worldwide servicing our products, it was clear that a travel ban could create serious problems for the way we conduct business and for our customers.


One recent example of us overcoming an obstacle created by COVID-19 has been the use of the KIBER helmet for a remote hook

repair performed in China. Due to the travel regulations in China we were unable to get expert technicians on-site to perform the repairs themselves. Therefore we needed a platform that allowed our experts to professionally instruct field technicians to properly perform the repair. The KIBER helmet proved to be the perfect tool for our needs which began our collaboration with RINA.

The KIBER helmet offers a two way live feed where a remote expert can instruct a field technician in situations like:

• Troubleshooting
  and fault-finding
• Maintenance
• Training
• Production
• Inspection
• Supervising

           REMOTE EXPERT                                                        FIELD TECHNICIAN

Additionally, the mobile app enables a local lifeboat field technician to connect to a pool of experts in order to receive guidance from them in his operation in terms of audio/video communication, real-time augmented reality indications, video stream annotations, documents and video screen sharing. Wouter Maes SSI Singapore Operations Director explained that “The detailed interface and quality real time resolution of the KIBER helmet allowed us to seamlessly instruct the technician to make the repair as if we were there.”


Through this collaboration we were able to successfully instruct the technician in China to make the repairs from our headquarters in Valley Center, California in coordination with our office in Singapore. Simultaneously our collaboration has opened up a new avenue to effectively streamline our maintenance and repair efforts in these uncertain times. 

Covid-19 has changed how all business has been conducted around the world and we firmly believe our collaboration with RINA has helped us not only adapt to these challenging times, but position us well for the future.”

Mark Beatty, SSI President

survival systems international
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Rowan Gorilla I Oil Rig Lifeboat Rescue | A Survivor’s Story
North America, Press

Rowan Gorilla I Oil Rig Lifeboat Rescue | A Survivor’s Story

The amazing true story of Tim Matherson who was safely rescued from the Gorilla I disaster because of a Survival Systems International Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (TEMPSC). 

This story begins on the 8th of December 1988 in Halifax, Canada. Low levels of drilling activity and huge maintenance costs had pushed Rowan to look to the North Sea as a more lucrative location for their rig.  They had commissioned the Smit London to tow their rig there and the crew were ready for their trans-atlantic mission.

On the morning of December 13th the crew is faced with their first signs of trouble as a storm brought in 40 ft waves along with winds of 60 knots. Over the next two days the rough seas battered the rig forcing the rigs legs to oscillate which caused severe fractures in the hull and flooded the storage tanks in the stern. The weight of the flooding lowered the stern to the point where waves began breaking over the deck. In the video the subject Tim recalls seeing their “rig torn apart with monstrous waves rising above the deck and ravaging across.”

Around noon on December 15th the waves were recorded at 50-60ft and the captain gives a warning to the superintendent that the rig was in imminent danger of sinking. At this moment the decision was made that the crew would evacuate the rig and make for our capsule.

After loading the crew into our 36 man capsule they conducted a final safety check and head count, pulled the first release and began their descent toward the water. As the capsule was lowering they were struck by a wave that threw the capsule into the side of the rig and tim recalls a “incredible bang” when they hit. After this the capsule proceeded its decent and made it safely down to the water where they pulled the second release.

Just a few hours after they evacuated the Rowan Gorilla I rolled aft and capsized. Unfortunately for Tim and the crew the sees were too rough at the time to rescue them so the decision had to be made to leave them until the waters were safer which would not be until the next morning.

The crew spent their long night singing songs in the capsule waiting for their rescuers as  they were tossed among the enormous waves. One wave in particular the captain recorded took the capsule 60 ft and plunged it into the sea. They waited over a minute expecting to see the debris of the capsule surface amongst the waves, but saw nothing. At this point the captain wrote in his log book, “They’re gone.” Nearly another full minute had passed at which point the capsule resurfaced

To date, SSI products have resulted in the safe rescue of over 2,200 people in over 60 incidents at sea.

The Rowan Gorilla I jack-up oil rig was built by the Marathon LeTourneau yard at Vicksburg, MI and completed in 1983. From 1983, the Rowan Gorilla I spent the first 5 years of its life located off the east coast of Canada. Low levels of drilling activity and high maintenance costs led to the initial decision to move the rig from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Trinidad, West Indies. Lack of a contract led to the subsequent decision to move the rig in winter across the North Atlantic to North Sea area. The rig departed Halifax on 08 Dec 1988, towed by the M/V Smit London.

Rig Capsize and Sinking

On the morning of the 13 December, a storm to the south-west of the rig's position brought winds of 60 knots and waves over 40 feet. Over the following two days, the rig was battered by high seas resulting in some significant damage. Wind and wave action caused the legs of the rig to oscillate and transmit stresses to the supporting structures on the hull. This caused hull fractures to propogate and flood storage tanks in the rig's stern. The lowering of the rig's stern allowed the high seas to break over the deck, causing containers and other deck cargo to break loose and batter top-side hatches, creating more points of flooding. On top of this, the tow line, having suffered two days of abuse, broke and the Smit London could only stand by as the crew of the rig attempted to control the flooding situation.

By 1000 on the morning of the 15th December, the captain of the Smit London noted that the rig was considerably heavier by the stern and, noting similarities with the sinking of the Dan Prince jack-up, warned the rig superintendent that the rig was in imminent danger of sinking. Around noon, a series of waves from 50 to 60 foot high hit the rig, dislodging the remaining loose cargo and causing the stern to hang under the seas. After consideration, the rig superintendent then ordered the crew to abandon the rig via the starboard lifeboat.

This video is the story of one of the survivor's Tim Matherson, who used a Survival System's International TEMPSC to safely evacuate and be rescued to return to his family.

For more information on the SSI Life Boats and the full range of Life Saving Apparatus get in touch with Survival Systems International today

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MOOGAS GOLF AND D&D event in Singapore 2019
Events, Singapore

MOOGAS GOLF & D&D Event, Singapore

Meet Survival Systems Singapore at this years Annual Golf Tournament.

Date: 4th October 2019

Location: Afternoon NSRCC Kranji 50, Neo Tiew Lane 3, Singapore 718828


Learn more about Moogas

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Superior Lifeboat Maneuverability

Superior Lifeboat Maneuverability

The capsule’s oval shape allows for superior maneuverability in the water plus its beam to length ratio provides enhanced stability in rough seas.


When it reaches the water the design of SSI’s lifeboat also offers significant performance advantages related maneuverability and stability.

lifeboat capsule manoeuvrability


Due to its beam to length ratio and underwater configuration the capsule is significantly more maneuverable and canperform a 180° turn at speed within its own length.Due to their keeled-hull design and elongated shape twin-fall lifeboats are significantly less maneuverable and have toperform wide u-turns.

The SSI capsule’s maneuverability makes it easier to steer away from platform legs when evacuating in high seas. Additionally this maneuverability makes it easier for training and drills and in particular for positioning the capsule for hook-upand recovery. Lastly such maneuverability also makes a single cable capsule is a superior rescue boat for recovering aman over board.

twinfall lifeboat versus single fall lifeboat


SSI’s capsule has Greater Positive Stability than other lifeboats.The design and shape of the capsule provides a superior beam to length ratio, more than 0.65 (wider and shorter), anda greater metacentric height, in excess of 1 meter.These two factors significantly improve the capsules stability when underway. This greater stability makes the lifeboatless vulnerable to capsizing.

Superior lifeboat capsule Maneuverability
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