Pond Testing

Pond Testing and Lifeboat Health Checks

Pond Testing

Survival Systems International are able to perform Pond Tests and Lifeboat Health checks at both UK facilities

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Lifeboats are regularly pond tested at our facilities, and can be witnessed by a classification of customers choice.

During pond tests, engines are fully tested over a period of 45 minutes under full load.

At 15 minute intervals, the engine temperature and oil pressure readings will be recorded to ensure that they do not exceed OEM recommended tolerances.

Lifeboat Pond Testing

Engines are thoroughly cleaned to remove accumulated dirt, grime and grease.

Old engine oil is drained and visually inspected for cross contamination.

During Pond Tests of the engines, should any major defects be recorded, customers are advised in detail and issued quotation for repair.

pond testing
pond testing
liferaft pond testing
lifeboat capsule pond testing

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