Triple5 Replacement Hooks

MSC 1/Circ. 1392 – Existing Lifeboat hook systems that do not comply with the revised SOLAS regulations must be replaced no later than the first scheduled dry dock after 1st July 2014.

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Survival Systems knows that many lifeboat owners and operators are currently in the process of determining the best products and correct methods to use for replacing their existing lifeboat hooks.  Lifeboats are important to your day-to-day operations, and the hooks and hook release systems on these lifeboats are critical to your safe operation.

Our business is re-hooking lifeboats, we’ve been doing it for years and can assist in your lifeboat re-hooking process.  This is also an opportunity for you to upgrade to new and better lifeboat hooks.  The Triple5 hook release mechanism is better and safer. See below for a list of the features & benefits of SSI’s Triple5 hooks as your lifeboat re-hooking solution.

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Benefits of the Triple5 System:

box_T5LOC Load Locks the Hooks – The Triple5 Release System is engineered with a Lift Over Center design as the central concept.  Lift Over Center is defined as the load point of the hook being directly above the center of the pivot point of the hook.  Such a design ensures that the weight of the boat works to keep the hooks closed when it is suspended above the water. | more info |
box_T5hook1 Safety without Manual Pin – There is a desire to have additional locks (pins) in any hook body for added safety.  Pinning each hook however creates danger if these pins are left in during an emergency.  The Triple5  has a built-in Internal Secondary Safety System in each hook that acts as a pin but can of be disengaged from the helmsman’s position.  | more info |
box_nohydro Eliminated the Hydrostat – Triple5 begins with a fundamentally stable system resulting in no need for a hydrostat system.  This is safer hook system and has less operation risks and less maintenance concerns. | more info |
box_T52handles A Deliberate Separate Action for On-load Release – Traditional lifeboat hooks use the same handle for an off-load release and on-load release.  For safety SSI intentionally designed a distinctly different method for on-load release.  A Triple5 on-load release  requires deliberate separate steps using a secondary handle. | more info |
box_resethooks Reset Hooks from the Helmsman’s Position – The Triple5 Hook Systems uses high strength, maximum efficiency push / pull cables connected directly to the hooks.   This allows the hooks to be RESET as well as opened from the safey of the helmsman’s position. | more info |


Survival Systems International’s Triple5 Hook Release System fit into all models and sizes of lifeboats.  Contact us today to start the process of refitting new, safer hooks into your lifeboat.

For more information regarding Triple5 Hooks,
contact James Ziegel, Product Manager, 760-749-6800