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Book today with Survival Systems International, the official working partner of Davit International for UK customer requirements.

Survival Systems International Partners in Safety

SSI proudly holds many direct Manufacturer approvals that further support our multi-brand accreditations as an Authorised Service Provider in Accordance with MSC 402 (96) requirements.

These Working Partners include but are not limited to:

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Did you know?......

Davit International has 170 employees today an almost forty years´ experience in manufacturing of high class technical systems and components for the shipbuilding industry as well as for the oil and gas industry.

Apart from the delivery of complete components for seagoing vessels e.g. for cruise ships, ferries, commercial vessels, mega yachts, special ships, navy ships and systems for the offshore industry, it also delivers oil and gas supply systems for onshore gas turbine power plants

di davit international winch uk

DI Davit International Winch

SSI has proudly worked with our partners at Davit International for many years and holds the sole UK authorisation for DI customer service requirements. How does this benefit our customers?

  1. Rapid UK access to suitably trained and accredited personnel
  2. Genuine OEM parts and spares at consistent prices
  3. Compliance to regulatory requirements 
  4. Access to Davit International technical support and information

For any Davit International related inspection, maintenance service or repair requirements please contact us today. 

di davit international winch uk

DI Davit International Winch, UK

davit international fast boat rescue winch uk
di davit international winch uk
di davit international winch inspection uk
davit international winch uk

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