About Survival Systems International, Inc.

Survival Systems International, Inc. is an innovative lifeboat manufacturing company that provides offshore operators with

  • the equipment,
  • the instruction and
  • the knowledge

to achieve a safe evacuation when an emergency occurs on an offshore installation. SSI focuses on Marine Safety through routine maintenance, overload testing, fast rescue craft maintenance and onshore / offshore repairs.

Survival Systems International took over the design, production and servicing of all the *Whittaker Survival Systems in 1987. We now have over 2000 units in service in the offshore regions of over thirty countries worldwide.

  • *Whittaker capsules, and Whittaker lifeboats. As well as Brucker survival capsules and lifeboats.

In 40 years of continuous service to the industry our single cable launched survival systems have successfully evacuated over 2,200 offshore personnel in more than 60 emergency incidents.

Our Headquarters and manufacturing facility is in:

SSI has Service facilities around the world:

Did you know…?

Coast GuardThe first totally enclosed, motor propelled, US Coast Guard Approved survival craft ever built for the offshore oil and gas industry anywhere in the world was manufactured by Whittaker Corporation in 1968.

This survival craft, Model 9089A- serial number 001, is still in service today in Alaska, which is one of the harshest climates in the United States.

Approved by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA)

Survival Systems International – Your Partner in Safety