Testing Services

SSI offer full support to all mandatory and routine lifeboat testing

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Lifeboat Testing

SSI have over 50 years experience in performing overload tests in a range of maritime environments.

Our qualified and experienced Technical team are able to offer the equipment, experience and support to verify lifeboat compliance through routine overload testing.

Testing Services

SSI regularly arrange and perform witnessed offshore lifeboat testing including but not limited to:

  • Low headroom bags - 110% dynamic overload testing
  • Water weights - 110% dynamic overload testing
  • 110% simultaneous on-load release tests of hooks
  • Static load tests
  • Weighing of Lifeboats
  • Descent rate tests
  • Deluge tests
  • Prototype tests
  • Commissioning tests

SSI are able to provide not only equipment and fully trained Technicians, but also procedures risk assessments and all back office support to ensure prompt, efficient and safe routine or specialist testing.

Testing Enquiry Form

If you have an enquiry with regards to Lifeboat testing please fill in the enquiry form below and we will reply with 48 hours.

To ensure a swift and accurate reply, please add all pertinent information to your query, thank you.