Lifeboat Capsule Systems Up To-60 Passenger

Unparalleled in safety and design.

Single Cable Advantage
Superior Hook Design
Superior Structural Strength
Superior Lifeboat Manuverability
Safer Recovery

Survival Systems: 60 Man Lifeboat Capsule

Unparalleled in safety and design, our 60 man capsule holds true to our standard with the most sophisticated hook design on the market and an industry proven record.

With over 2,000 successful evacuations using our cutting edge technology, our single cable capsules will assure you of the safety of your crew and company. 

SSI CA6000 Survival Capsule

Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft

Features include but not limited to:
  • Up to 60 person capacity
  • SOLAS & USCG approved
  • Single hook lift over centre design
  • On & Off-load release function
  • Fire retardant vinyl ester resin with 10 year anti-osmosis warranty
  • Self contained air support system
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