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TR-910 Last Resort Radio

TR-910 Last Resort Radio

A last resort radio is similar to a desktop radio, but contains a lithium ion battery pack supplying the radio with DC voltage if AC power fails. The battery status is monitored on the battery pack or on the TR-910 display.

TR-910 Last Resort is available as TR-910 Last Resort Subrack Radio (part no. 103400 LR_SR) for installation into existing 19 inch equipment racks or control room consoles. This subrack solution is an excellent choice if you want to control the radio from our outstanding Radio Remote Control system RRC-7700.

The following items are included in 103400LR-SR TR-910 Last Resort Subrack Radio:

  • Microphone
  • Connection cables
  • Subrack mounting kit

Survival Systems International offers the Jotron TR-910 Multipurpose VHF Airband Radio which is a lightweight, robust and portable multipurpose transceiver. It can be vehicle-mounted or set on a desktop or carried in a bag. You can use it as a last resort radio, in an airport utility vehicle or even as the main radio in e.g. helidecks and other areas where portability is a key factor.


• ETSI EN 300 676 compliant
• VoIP according to ED-137
• SNMP v3 support
• Voice recorder output
• Supports VCS and remote control and monitoring
• 118-137/144 MHz frequency range
• Superior RF capabilities