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Ricochet Recorder

Exclusive focus on recording for the air traffic control (ATC) market. Unlimited recording capacity and syncronized replay of all data.

Ricochet is Jotron’s world leading synchronised record and replay system within the air traffic management (ATM) and marine markets.  Ricochet captures, replays and analyses all data, ready to deliver the total scenario when reconstruction of an incident is imperative. Ricochet software, coupled with COTS hardware, enables Jotron to deliver a state of the art recording system.  The recording solution assists investigatory work – as well as search and rescue operations – and is also of huge benefit to air traffic controllers, supervisors and management for training and quality improvement purposes. The product has been designed to meet the specific demands of worldwide ATM environments and is fully compliant with national and international standards. The modular architecture and the IP based intercommunication offers virtually no limits to how a system can be built.

Ricochet recording solution are used at:
• Nationwide solutions (distributed data collection and recording modules, integrated management replay and data handling)
• Area Control Centres (a turn-key solution for hundreds of audio channels and screens)
• Airports of all sizes (from a single audio recorder to a comprehensive multi-channel system integrated with other ATM systems)
• Remote tower solutions (audio and video)
• Defence installations
• Navy vessel and offshore platform heliports (audio, radar and CCTV)
• Vessel traffic services (radio, telephones, marine radar video and tracks, AIS and CCTV)

• The fastest response time
• The most flexible system structure
• Unlimited recording capacity for all data
• Open standards
• Legal recording and CWP recording in one system