Survival Systems International Online Catalogue

Rescue Cradle

The Fibrelight Cradle is a new and versatile man overboard recovery system designed primarily for use by small rescue craft, rigid inflatables ships’ lifeboats.

Manufactured from PU coated polyester webbing and reinforced with carbon fibre rods, the Fibrelight Cradle is tough, durable, lightweight and easy to handle; it is 1.3m wide by 3m long and weighs approximately 5kg.

The Fibrelight Cradle has many different applications however its primary function is that of a system to recover casualties from the water in the medically preferred horizontal position. To rescue a casualty in this way the cradle is secured at the inboard end and the outboard end is held outwards by hand, boat hook or bridle depending on the size of the craft.

The casualty is then guided on the cradle and the outboard end is hauled up, bringing them safely on board. Once recovered
the casualty can be kept in the cradle if necessary, for use as a stretcher.

In addition to this application, the Fibrelight Cradle can be used as a scramble net or boarding ladder to climb into the boat or disembark safely in an emergency and can assist with casualty recovery from trenches, ditches and other similar locations.

• SOLAS approved