Repairs & Refurbishments

Extend the field life of your existing assets with SSI Repairs & Refurbishments

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Repairs & Refurbishments

SSI have extensive experience in large scale refurbishment and lifeboat restoration projects across Offshore, Cruise and Maritime sectors.

Whether you require minor localised repair or extensive field wide refurbishment, SSI has the capability and experience to assist.

The knowledge and techniques used by SSI to restore or repair ageing offshore equipment, removes the need to re-engineer lifeboat station’s, resulting in minimised down time and reduced costs. On average full restoration often costs around 30-40% of replacement purchase, making it a viable commercial choice.

Repair & Refurbishment Examples

Examples below show the extent of refurbishment available up to and including full cosmetic and technical restoration.



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If you have an enquiry with regards to a repair or refurbishment project please fill in the enquiry form below and we will reply with 48 hours.

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