Retro fit Hook Release Mechanisms

SSI attend Ports and Dry-docks worldwide to retro fit Triple5LX Hook Release Mechanisms for Cruise Customers 

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Retro Fitting of Hooks

SSI perform retro fit of hook release mechanisms worldwide in support
of our Cruise customers.

Extensive experience alongside robust methods and procedures allow rehooking activity to take place in a diverse range of environments including offshore, quayside or workshops.

How Does it Work?

The Triple 5LX Hook Release Mechanism allows Cruise operators to adopt single fall hook safety to their twin fall lifeboat tenders.

The simple 6 step process and managed by SSI throughout

1. Verify Status

SSI will assist with verification of compliance status of existing hooks against the GISIS register.

2. Choose

SSI will assist with the correct model of Triple 5LX to suit your lifeboat type.

3. Survey

Arrange an SSI site survey to record crucial measurements for the installation and approval process.

4. Submission

SSI shall manage the Classification society approval on behalf of customers.

5. Installation

SSI shall attend and perform retrofit of hook release mechanisms.

6. Certification

SSI shall perform a Classification Society witnessed overload test to complete the certification process.



Retro Fitting of Hooks Enquiry Form

If you have an enquiry with regards to the Retro Fitting of Hooks please fill in the enquiry form below and we will reply with 48 hours.

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