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Crane Load Testing

Survival Systems International offers reliable and expert water load tests from 75kg up to 55 tonnes.
Designed for reliability, safety & top performance. 

With our 50 years’ history and the best safety track record in the life saving industry, SSI has used our extensive knowledge and experience to develop the world’s safest twin fall lifeboat system. Meet the SSI T5 Twinfall lifeboats. Our new Twinfall lifeboat series is ideal for offshore vessels and merchant vessels – including oil and gas tankers, as well as dry cargo vessels. Designed for use in harsh conditions, the T5 Twinfall lifeboats are constructed using the right materials for the corrosive marine environment. This ensures a long and trouble-free operational life, with minimal maintenance required in between servicing periods.

Proof Load Test Bags

Working with SSI you are working two of the worlds trusted leaders in water weight testing bags for cranes, beams, davits, hoists, walkways and lifeboats.

High-quality load testing water bags for lifting equipment, life-saving appliances, hydrostatic release units for liferafts.

For safe, fast and reliable water bag load testing, get in touch today.

load testing Equipment

Proof load testing water-filled weight bags are specially designed as a simple, safe and cost-effective proof load testing solution for lifting equipment and structures, whether for static or dynamic load testing of davits, winches, cranes, lifting equipment, beam and wire falls, in both marine and industrial sectors.

At SSI we offer Expert load testing services for cranes, beams, davits, hoists, walkways and lifeboats across major industries around the globe.

crane load testing

Crane test water bags for proof load testing is one simple, safety, and the cost-effective load test solution. The test weights can be slowly applied when filling water bags. So, the engineers can identify the structural issues. Then, correct these issues before the full test weight is reached.

For expert load testing services for cranes, beams, davits, hoists, walkways and lifeboats across major industries around the globe contact SSI today.

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