SSI Service Offerings


Inspection and Survey

Regular inspection by a trained technician represents a crucial step toward keeping your equipment operational and up to U.S. Coast Guard standards. We offer monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual inspections by technicians trained to spot problems before they affect the operational capabilities of your lifeboat.

Repair and Refurbishment

SSI has fully equipped and staffed lifeboat workshop facilities in New Orleans (USA), Great Yarmouth (England), Kuantan (Malaysia) and Dubai (UAE). These service facilities are qualified to perform major repairs and refurbishments for all lifeboats and associated launch equipment.


Confidence is a key factor in enhancing the effectiveness of a survival system and confidence is built through training. We endorse onshore training programs. However, we strongly recommend “hands on” instruction, which takes place offshore using the actual equipment assigned to each man. We can offer instructors who work with a survival system every day of their working lives.

Management of Lifeboat Maintenance

SSI’s Management of Lifeboat service is a fleet-wide approach to maintaining a customer’s lifeboats in an operational ready condition. This approach creates a partnership between SSI and the customer in dealing with the maintenance of their lifeboat fleet.

The Management of Lifeboat Maintenance service has the following five steps:

  • Step 1 – Initial Survey
  • Step 2 – Corrective Action
  • Step 3 – Development of Preventative Maintenance Schedule
  • Step 4 – Preventative Maintenance Training
  • Step 5 – Preventative Maintenance Implementation